As very active real estate investors in the Rochester MN market, we often find potential investment properties that would offer attractive returns to passive investors who are interested in direct ownership of real estate but do not want to manage directly.  Contact us if you’d like to start a conversation about these services today!

We offer the following menu of opportunities. Investors are welcome to leverage only the services which would be valuable to them, or all of the services as a complete package:

Buyer Representation

Working as a licensed real estate agent in the state of Minnesota with Keller Williams Premier Realty, Nick will represent Buyers to purchase a single family investment property, including assisting Buyer with tasks such as inspections, securing financing, and investment projections. This service is provided at absolutely no charge whatsoever to the buyer.

Rehab Project Management

Most of the properties we help investors acquire need some work. Some need a LOT of work. To assist you with this, BSRE can serve as project manager to coordinate all repairs, rehab, and remediation on behalf of Buyer. You still remain in the driver’s seat and are directly responsible for hiring and paying contractors, but we are there with you each step of the way to help you avoid pitfalls and find opportunities. .

Rental Certificate Wayfinding

BSRE will guide you through the crucial process of obtaining a City of Rochester rental license for your property. This includes walking you through the process, answering any questions you may have, filing for permits and scheduling inspections on your behalf, attending the first rental inspection in-person, formulating a remediation plan and scope of work, overseeing remediation, and attending subsequent rental inspections to assure remediation compliance.

Media Package

It is absolutely critical to have a high-quality media package to advertise your property for rent. BSRE will capture high quality interior photos, exterior photos, professional drone photos, and generate advertising copy for your listing. Best of all, you permanently own the rights to this package so you can use it over and over in future listings indefinitely!

Tenant Placement

Once you have purchased your investment property, renovated it, and acquired a Rochester Rental Certificate, and have your media package ready to go, the last step is to place a tenant.

Our services go far beyond simple tenant placement and are designed to set you up for long-term success with your rental property:

  1. We will help you determine the appropriate rental rate for your property through extensive analysis and hands-on test marketing.

  2. We will additionally analyze your property to find any missing opportunities to serve your tenants better and provide value. For example, perhaps you could allow cats? Or perhaps you already allow dogs, but don’t have a fenced in yard?

Once everything is completely optimized, we will locate a tenant for you. This includes:

  1. Listing the property for rent on countless websites prospective tenants browse

  2. Set up your property in our software systems so that people can instantly apply online, on a computer, phone, or tablet

  3. Field phone calls and show the property in-person

  4. Perform a rigorous background check and tenant screening process

  5. Secure a signed lease

  6. Make arrangements to collect the security deposit and first month’s rent

Full-Service Property Management

BSRE will provide high-quality, reputable, local management if the buyer does not wish to manage the property themselves. We handle absolutely everything, and you can expect to be completely passive. You can expect to leverage all of the services above, plus MUCH more.

Ready to get started?

With serious interest in our full service offering and after signing a non-disclosure agreement, we are happy to share specific financials from our current portfolio and strive to achieve the same outcomes for our full service investors. Of course, as with any investment, past results do not guarantee future outcomes, and your costs, rents, cashflow, etc cannot be guaranteed by BSRE.  

Interested in investing, but not necessarily direct ownership of real estate? Consider our passive investment option here!