Owner & Principal

A career technologist with over 15 years experience in the software development, architecture, and management space, Nick Stageberg developed an interest in real estate investment at the age of 14 when he needed to secure safe housing due to family health issues. With no parental support, no income, and no job, he bargained with some family friends to clean out and rehab their basement in exchange for free housing. Although that was his first and only live-in flip, it gave him an interest in leveraging value-add opportunities. After college, he designed and built a custom home in Edmond, OK, and house-hacked by renting out rooms to former college roommates, all of whom are lifelong friends to this day.

He began his real estate investment career in earnest in early 2014. With the help of a trusted Realtor, he and Elaine purchased their first real estate investment - a single family home foreclosure in Oklahoma City that had been vacant for a number of years and was in need of extensive rehabilitation. Using their own capital and labor, Nick and Elaine transformed the home from boarded-up to occupied in less than 4 weeks, refinanced out, and deployed that capital to secure their next asset. He is now the owner of a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.

He expanded his real estate horizons in late 2017 by obtaining a real estate license in the State of Minnesota and works at Keller Williams Premier Realty-Rochester to represent Black Swan Real Estate, other investors, and home buyers/sellers in real estate transactions. He operates nearly all of our day-to-day activities, including project sourcing and representation, rehab and contractor management, property and resident management, and financial management. Using skills gained from working for 10 years at a software development start-up which grew from $12 million in private venture capital to $100 million in equity valuation and his employment in software architecture at a large and prestigious hospital system, Nick is able to deploy both technical and relationship skills to grow and scale Black Swan Real Estate while remaining true to our personal, business, and investment values.

Nick is a passionate advocate for Lean and Agile management methodologies in Software and uniquely applies these same cutting-edge practices to real estate. Below is a recording of a talk he gave to 250 software engineers on the topic.

His number one priority is his relationship with his two children and his wife, Elaine. Together they are building the financial groundwork for long-term financial stability and freedom for his family and are fervent about teaching others how to do the same.

A talk I gave at a software development conference to roughly 250 developers. This was a two-day intense experience oriented towards JavaScript, but I talk about the how and the why of being a great developer. While it is software development oriented, it's really about #values, #spirituality, #continuousimprovement, #personalgrowth and why we all (should) care about what we do.


Owner & Principal

With a background as a psychiatrist and health care administrator, Elaine brings both a relationship and business focus to Black Swan Real Estate, LLC. Elaine developed a passion for real estate upon renting out her single family home in the post-2008 crash. Learning that she truly enjoyed working with residents and providing high quality housing and service, she partnered with Nick to purchase and rehab their first investment property in Oklahoma City in 2014.

Since then, as the Co-Owner and Principal of Black Swan Real Estate, she’s been pivotal to growing the business steadily while developing the brand and culture of the company. With an understanding of the particular time and attention demands on physicians, she envisioned expansion of Black Swan Real Estate in 2018 through the use of private, passive investment dollars to grow the portfolio while providing lucrative and stable returns to investors with limited time or desire to actively invest in real estate. Since then, she has secured multiple six-figures of investment dollars with 100% successful return of capital and interest.

Coming from a desire to share the opportunity for financial stability and freedom with others, Elaine developed a coaching service at Black Swan Real Estate to use their knowledge, expertise, and experience to help others who are ready to achieve the same life-changing level of personal and financial growth.

First and foremost, she’s a Mom and wife with a ferocious love and dedication to her children and husband. Having grown up in a childhood marked by abuse, parental drug addiction, and poverty, her “why” for real estate includes a goal of complete financial independence by 2021 that will allow her to semi-retire from medicine and free her time to home-school her children.


Licensed Real Estate Agent

Sam is a very gifted young man, and at the age of 16 began attending college through a post secondary option program.  This allowed him to obtain his Associates Degree in Science before graduating High School!

At the age of 19 Sam realized he wanted to have complete control over his career and professional life, which led him to become a licensed real estate agent.  Within 6 months of obtaining his license, Sam became a member of the Black Swan Team as a licensed agent and now works with Nick to represent their clients. Sam is ambitious about real estate, not afraid to leave his comfort zone, and always working on his own personal development.

Sam has already acquired, renovated, and rented an investment property in Rochester—making him one of, if not the most successful real estate investor in Rochester his age!