In less than five years, we achieved financial freedom through developing a real estate portfolio that (relatively) passively cash flows enough for our family to live a comfortable, middle-class lifestyle indefinitely while also enjoying the benefits of mortgage debt pay-down, property appreciation, and significant tax advantages.

Are you ready for this level of life-changing financial freedom? Are you ready to take your first step or to 10x your current portfolio? Are you willing to commitment to extraordinary goals and take the necessary steps to achieving them? We made those decisions for ourselves, have experienced tremendous success, and want to coach you to help you achieve your life-changing goals and growth!

Let’s get to work!

Prior to getting started, we offer a free, no-obligation meeting to learn more about you and your goals! We’ll only agree to a coaching relationship if we are certain we can bring you tremendous value. The student who best fits our coaching style is one who is willing to invest heavily in themselves and is willing to commit to massive action! If you’ll make those commitments, we have full faith that we can deliver value to you that will empower you to earn back our entire coaching fees and set you firmly on the path to financial freedom in 5 years!

1. Life-Changing: Our Playbook + One-on-One Coaching

This package combines our highest yield “playbook” to launch you from someone with no real estate experience to someone well on their way to achieving their goals.  Over the course of five 90-minute coaching sessions, along with access to our written materials, analyzers such as calculators and spreadsheets, and documents such as contracts and leases, we walk you step-by-step through creating your own real estate success story. This package also includes complimentary email, phone, and text access throughout the coaching so that you are supported throughout the entire process.  

2. Tactical Support: Per Hour Coaching

This package is perfect for the person who already has some real estate experience, but would like significant improvement. Maybe you want to increase your portfolio or you’re displeased with how your current portfolio is performing -- whatever the case may be, you’re looking for someone to brainstorm new ideas or troubleshoot existing problems.  We are here to help.

3. Tactical Support: Personalized Deal Analysis “The Deal Analyzer”

The most common question we get is always “Is this a deal?” People considering an investment property purchase wonder how much they should offer, what terms to ask for, and ultimately whether they should go all-out to make the deal happen, or let it go.  To aid you at this critical moment, we will carefully analyze the opportunity you are considering. This will include reviewing any photos or videos you capture, walking the property if possible, and analyzing other relevant data. We’ll calculate your projected cash flow, cap rate, COC ROR, rehab budget, offer amount, and more. The most important decision in real estate is knowing when to say no - and we’ll not only help you avoid marginal or disastrous opportunities, but help you hone in on those worth your time, effort, and investment! Best of all, this service is offered at just $350 per property, and can be completed with a less than 24-hour turn-around time to allow you to move swiftly on the best deals out there!